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What game to play during the coffee break?

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What game to play during the coffee break?
Dawid Farbaniec // proudly presents coffee break mini-game coded in C#.NET / Unity. Jump, shoot, avoid traps and just enojoy this 2D platform game! Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to shoot.

Tale written in bytes

Hi. I'm "at" (@) coded as 64. People think that we are just bytes. You can see and control us by electric energy. We don't protest - we want to help people. But don't try to think that we die when you switch off electricity. Then we move from operating memory to hard disk where we continue our life.

Our kind is called ASCIIZ. There are 128 types of cybernetic creatures. Mad scientists started to play with genetics and created a lot of strange creatures named UNICODEZ.

I want to tell you a story. It will be interactive, because it's coded as computer program.

Welcome to Tale written in bytes.



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